*I am now only booking lifestyle/documentary sessions.*

Lifestyle. It's a very broad term with photographers, and I think every one of us views it a little bit differently.
To me, lifestyle photography is exactly what it sounds like. It should capture how you live. No posing, no faking, just honest, beautiful, you. I'm drawn to lifestyle photography because I've experienced first hand how fast time goes by, and I feel it's so important to document all of the mundane, every day stuff today, before it's gone tomorrow, with the WHOLE family present.

I highly recommend an in-home lifestyle/documentary session. Some people think their house is too small, or not photo-ready. But this is your home; Your family is living, loving, and growing in this house, and that is enough of a reason to have it in photographs to cherish forever. The dirty laundry and legos on the floor are part of the whole picture, and one day you will miss those things.
Still not a fan of the idea of an in-home session? There's so much more we can do. What do you like to do as a couple/family? Walk to the park? Boat ride to your favourite beach? Even just playing in your backyard. I will just tag along and capture these memories. And don't think that bringing your own camera along is good enough. I want everyone to be in the photos together, and all of the details that go along with whatever you decide to do. Trust me, you will be so happy to have these!