These sessions are for families that want an entire day documented. From breakfast to bedtime, I will document the details of your daily life. There is no need to plan anything for these sessions. They are about REAL life, and clients are always surprised at what is captured throughout the day. I'm basically a fly on the wall capturing everything from the dirty faces and spilled milk at dinner time, to the dog laying on the bedroom floor, to washing the dishes after lunch with the toddler tugging on your shirt, to the kids running to the door when daddy pulls in after work, to bedtime stories and giggles. It's about your life. All I'm doing is documenting it for you. These photos make a beautiful photo book for your coffee table to flip through for years to come as a nostalgic reminder of the little details like your home decor, clothing/hair styles, and family pets.

My lifestyle sessions are for families who prefer having direction or guidance from me for their photos. I recommend having a few activities to do for this type of session. Some ideas are reading a book, baking something in the kitchen, crafting, bed-jumping, etc.  If there are no young children, things like cuddling up with coffees, playing a board game, or making breakfast/dinner together are great options.  Natural photos come with interaction, so having something to do keeps things fun. Please don't plan extravagant activities that you normally wouldn't do! The point is to capture YOU.
I always spend 15-20 minutes of every lifestyle session getting family portraits where everyone is looking at the camera, but the rest of the time I strive to capture the interactions and emotive moments that come naturally.

If you'd like to choose a different location for your session, I advise families to bring objects with them to keep the interaction in the photos. For example: If we meet at the beach - kites, a picnic, buckets and shovels, are all great things to bring along.

*Slice of Life*

*Day in the Life*

*In-Home or On Location Lifestyle*

My Slice of Life sessions are designed for the families that love the idea of a Day in the Life session, but don't want the entire day documented. These are similar to my Lifestyle sessions, but there will be little, to no directing from me. You have the option of choosing a morning or an afternoon session. Morning sessions start at breakfast time and end at lunch. Afternoon sessions start at lunch, ending at dinner. I choose to document meals because they are one of those mundane, everyday activities that take place, and we don't even realize all of the memories made, details involved, and genuine expressions in one single meal. Like those from the Day in the Life sessions, your photos will be a nostalgic treasure for years to come.

                                           *Please note*

If you are hoping for a day in the life, or just a slice, please know that I will, of course, take some group family photos where everyone is looking at the camera. Some families want strictly documentary, while others want a little bit of everything. We can chat and customize your session to suit your needs.